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Future Life Progression Hypnosis?

People often come to me because they are intrigued about Past Life Regression, however what about Future Life Progression? Curious? Maybe there is a part of us that knows that unless we take action in this lifetime, our Future Lives could be playing out karmically the same way.

It is interesting to me that many people spend thousands of dollars on Psychic readings all the time yet when it comes to knowing their truth via their subconscious mind which knows all they shy away. Is it because they really don't want to know the truth? Do they prefer to often times be told fairytales? I am suggesting that there aren't authentic naturally gifted individuals out there that can tap into higher levels of consciousness to give a true psychic reading, however I do know there aren't that many of them on the planet today.

How This Works:

Through deep relaxation and hypnotic techniques the door to future life memories is opened. We are able to view as objective observers the events of the future that may await us. It is not a matter of trying to remember; it almost seems that the harder we try to remember the difficult it is. It's more a matter of just allowing it to unfold. With the help of a skilled therapist the memories can flow forth naturally and easily.

Can Everybody Progress?

Yes but not everyone is successful the first time. There can be a number of reasons that somebody may not progress to a Future Lives. The most common reason is the client isn't ready to see what's there. There is a safeguard in the subconscious mind that will not allow these future memories if the client isn't ready yet. If certain things are happening currently in your life now that you need clarity on you can be progressed in time to 5, 10, 20 years from now. You can be shown future life options that would be a great first step towards changing course now with firsthand knowledge.

Imagine, being able to change your future!

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Unlock the secrets within the subconscious mind.
Why Future Life Progression?

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