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Effortless Weight Loss?

Many individuals find it difficult to digest- :) However, it is true! Well almost, as you must show up, be open and receptive to change and follow instructions within our hypnosis weight loss program structured exclusively for women. Whether you wish to lose 10 lbs, 30 lbs, or more the amount of time it takes really depends on a few factors. What I can tell you is that the answer could come during your initial complimentary phone consultation with me. Why you might ask? Upon us speaking you will be asked some direct questions that will disclose to me why you are overweight to begin with and that is where the seeming magic begins. We work together during the program customized just for you and as long as you remain comitted along with investing in yourself results follow. Not only results but sustainable results.

The diet industry is literally a joke, and be a very expensive one time and time again as many of you may now know the weight 99% percent of the time returns. It is also very taxing on your health.

Our hypnosis weight loss program for women will require a investment in yourself and we do offer financing if needed through Pay Pal's in house finance which offers you 0% interest for up to 6 months. So what do you have to lose? Weight of course! You will not be weighing in either as the results are subtle at first as you begin to notice how the cookie aisle in the grocery store has disappeared! You will notice that you feel better week to week and really want to go out and take some long power walks even in the rain? No of course not, well maybe? I have worked with some very critical thinking women who were also depressed regarding their weight issues and they were transformed in a few months reaching their long awaited goals. So I would like to invite you to visit my website where more information can be found via podcast and under FAQ. I am firm believer in bringing awareness to my clients so they understand the process and I know you will love it! The very deep relaxation alone session to session always proves itself as the unconscious comes to the surface under hypnosis. There is also a free e-booklet available when you visit our facebook page loss for women over 40.

To your success!

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