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Diffusing Victim Consciousness

Those of us who have emerged from living in victim consciousness know very well that it kept us living with a very limited view of the outside world. In the past, it seemed that we had become stuck in a place where our old negative habits of thoughts and patterns that repeated themselves over and over were all we knew. These old mindsets felt familiar to us or comfortably numb as I put it. And very definitely limited us. You see, more often than not the decisions that were made while under this seeming spell was/is an automatic response based on past conditioning. The automatic response came from beliefs we adopted as children which then became beliefs about our lives and attracted experiences. These beliefs led us to become the product of our earlier environment. Actually,

from the third trimester in the womb up to 7-10 years of age.

Some of these beliefs are easy to identify, such as: " I am not worthy" or "I am ugly, too fat" etc. However others remain hidden beneath the surface in the subconscious mind. This is where hypnotherapy becomes so effective. Once we release the past and the negative old beliefs that have held us back, we leave victimhood behind so our body, mind and spirit can align to give us the best life never thought possible.

You can become free of past hurts and traumas and step out of self judgements and move into self acceptance, self love and into a beautiful new world. You do have one very important requirement however, and that is to truly commit to the process of change. In others words, how bad do you want change? The late great Plato stated: "You must want change so much that if your head is being held under water and you wish to come up to breathe...then change will take place."

Awaken to your spiritual power... it's been with you all along.

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