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Childhood , The Point of Wounding

 I am wanting to share with you , an aspect of self that we carry into adulthood. Some more severe than others,but none the less we are all effected. Between the ages of 0 = before birth and 10 years of age we become wounded by something ( s) that occurred around us during that time frame or to us personally . At this stage of life the critical part of our minds is not yet developed so it is not able to shut out or say no to negative information . The wounding may even be carried forth from Past-Lives .   As we grow up these wounds may become ” triggers” given certain circumstances that arise .

It is important to bring these wounds to your awareness , bring the wounds to surface so they may be healed. Hypnotherapy is a great platform to do this it works gracefully and by-passes any resistance you may be offering to the healing and not even aware of . When these wounds are activated you become very uncomfortable on deep levels.These patterns will continue as the subconscious mind has stored the information when your critical mind was not yet developed and acting as a sponge for information good or bad. Many people carry feelings of guilt and shame also and do not know why …

Soul wounds are from Past-Lifetimes and are also responsible for ” triggers ” in your current life path . There may be no understanding consciously as to why you feel and react in certain ways to certain situations …situations that had nothing to do with this lifetime . The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all memory and can accessed through Hypnosis and Hypnosis using Past-Life Regression Therapy .

Knowledge is power …and your healing of these wounds once and for all is one more step to grow spiritually and live your life to the fullest potential .

Be Well !

Reverend Laura Ellis CPLT

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