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Can You Re-Program Your Mind ? ..

The answer is yes !   Hypnosis has come a long way since the Hollywood days of ” you’re getting sleepy …”

Hypnotherapy is now used to break smoking habits , to lose weight and overcome fears.

What if I shared with you that Hypnotherapy can be used just as well for other habits such as those related to prosperity ?

Research recently using modern brain imaging techniques show that the connections in the brain act differently during hypnosis . In particular , those areas of the mind involved in making decisions . What this means for you is that when you are under hypnosis you are able to focus on what you hearing without asking the whys simply put.

In truth , Hypnotherapy can assist you to “burn” new associations in your subconscious mind so that you FEEL as if you developed a new habit / thought process that might have taken taken you years to develop . Hypnotherapy can re-program your mind to accomplish almost anything ! Installing more confidence , become more prosperous , invite Love into your life , stop worry habits , play better golf , pain management .etc. etc.

Keep in mind for Hypnotherapy to be permanent a trained facilitator needs to implement the sessions. We are all different and have been subjected to various scenarios during childhood , each one effecting us personally in different ways . The root of what challenges you today must be brought to awareness before it can be re-programmed for success , that is a part of what a Hypnotherapist is trained to do …find what is personally blocking you and assist you through hypnosis to “un-block your mind…your life .

Just in time to begin your New year !

To Your Success ..

Reverend Laura Ellis CPLT

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