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Cable Or Consciousness ?

As I recently made a shift in my environment I became more aware of the secular side of information input.

The last 8 years I have opted to not participate in watching any forms of local television . My select viewing consisted of choice uninterrupted movies etc. As I made this travel arrangement recently I found myself not having the comforts of home options . One being my ability to relax and watch the tube with my selections only . When the curious nature of me took over and I turned on the television at the Inn where I currently am worst fears were confirmed . Every few minutes the programs ( if they were ) are interrupted by commercials that seemed so ridiculous to me ..insults to human intelligence.. I realized how much I had grown in awareness . I sat there and wondered how so many Americans could buy into this type of  ” programming ” . ..after all we have evolved as a whole haven’t we ? Of course we need to realize the weight-loss industry is a billion dollar a year industry in this country alone as are pharmaceuticals and tobacco to name a few.

We need to Wake up !  Turning on the conventional tube to relax is impairing your health –  mind control creating fear, sickness and poverty. You can become aware of global news selectively if you choose … as much of anything else the tube has to offer produces the ” garbage in – garbage out ” effects in our world. As the good book states :  “Choose this day whom you will serve ” . So until I return to the comforts of my home ..for now the black flat screen remains just that… black.

FYI : If you are wanting to lose weight intelligently or make  life changes that begin with your mind that will lead you to self  – empowerment write me to arrange for a free consultation . You life is waiting …

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