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Between Lives Regression ( BLR Therapy)

I will refer to Lives between lives here as BLR. It is a journey between incarnations as a spiritual energy, in a spiritual world.

BLR is when we focus on the life we have in a the spiritual dimension, for the purpose of reviewing and previewing our many past. present and even future lives. We also have 'lives between lives'. People may wonder where was my soul before my next incarnation? In some religions they refer to this space in time as purgatory. Other regression therapies often involve taking the client back to the cause of their issues and resolving them under hypnosis by recalling events in

and from the physical world. BLR therapy involves taking my client back to the causes of their coming into being, by recall in the spiritual world.

BLR takes an individual into the spiritual world beyond physics of space and time. It then becomes a philosophical, religious, intellectual, knowledge gathering. It is considered to be a practical therapy that relates directly to our lives in the moment, to reduce suffering and increase wholeness.

Clients connect with the Spiritual World, Spirit Guides, Soul Groups and their Soul Council under hypnosis. In the Soul Council group we meet with elder wise souls who help review and select our lives.

It truly is an amazing soul journey that will bring the client much to ponder and hopefully to higher understanding.

With my practice a series of sessions are recommended beginning with a PLR ( past Life regression) to set the stage if you will for the Between Lives Session itself.

A complimentary phone consultation should be arranged prior to any booking of this deeper spiritual work and can be made by visiting the website here.

BLR sessions can allow you to:

Extend your interaction with the Spirit Guides, Extend your meeting personalities from this and past lives by meeting their pure soul form and role in the Soul Group as well as initiate an interaction with the Soul Council.

Know that BLR sessions can address a range of issues that do not have to be specifically spiritual. Relationships, health matters, professional and or personal issues are actually parables that can teach us valuable spiritual lessons...

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24 Tem 2022

This is such good news. Thank you.

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