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Who Are You In Relationship With?

Have you been thinking about ending a relationship? Is the thought of ending a relationship even one that is dysfunctional seemingly a challenge for you?

My heart goes out to you as many of my clients and individuals find themselves in situations like this.

Relationships should be one source of greatest happiness, yet can also be our greatest source of despair.

Here is an example of one such situation:

Lisa was married to a man who drank alot. when he drank, he would get upset and make like difficult for everyone around him. This of course caused all sorts of problems.

Lisa did everything she could to get him to quit drinking, but nothing worked. In fact, the more she tried to get him to stop drinking, the more he drank. She didn't know what to do.

Finally, after many years she had a realization that changed her life. She realized that he was an alcholic and that he couldn't quit drinking even if he wanted to - and he had no interest in quitting. She didn't want this to be the truth, but it was the truth and he would continue to drink and be verbally abusive no matter what she did.

Why did she allow this to go on for so long? The answer lies in past conditioning. You see when we were little children our minds were like sponges, part of our mind anyway. At tens years of age we develop more dicernment as to what we let into our precious minds, so everything we observe in our environment up until that point becomes part of our personality. If your mother drank for example and or your father in excess your mind accepted this as the normal family way. An unhealthy pattern develops in the unconscious mind which stays with you unless it is addressed on the unconscious level,

ie: hypnosis. To change a pattern deeply engrained in the unconscious mind and become free and restore your ability to see clearly you will move from being " at the effect" to being " at cause." You gain your power back that was stolen so long ago.

Be aware of your unhealthy patterns, what type of people do you attract over and over again? Above was just one example as this type of pattern in relationships can show up in many different ways. Uncovering the hidden challenges that are sabotaging yourself and your relationships will lead you to relationship success, and hypnosis will get you there gracefully.

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