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Break The Energy of Past Lovers

To break the energy around your past loves you need to explore and clear the many issues that result from carrying this residual energy and it's impact first and foremost.

If you are a woman reading this and you have experienced betrayal, abuse, abandonment or sexual and emotional insensitivity, you are left in dealing with low self esteem and an inability to trust yourself to make better choices in the future.

You may even have mistrust in the world. Regardless of your past choices, you may even be in another relationship now and find yourself navigating the same or similiar such issues from past relationships. Why? because your subconscious mind is attracting that which you were past conditioned to most likely from your parents and or primary caretakers as a child and perhaps beyond that.

Most healing modalities don't address the important aspects of your spiritual depth as a woman. Spiritual development, coaching combined with hypnosis which is what I offer and know to be very effective can allow you to gracefully reclaim your personal power from dysfunctional relationships once and for all.

Establish your own sexual sovereignty and restore uncompromising self respect.

Personal power and confidence, self image are key to a healthy, happy life!

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