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Professional Past Life Regression

What you need to know about Past Life Regression Therapy and Future Life Progression.

Do you believe that there are such things as past lives ? Do you think that you have pre-set options for your future ? Some individuals feel that is part of their religion , or they can be completely against it . What I believe is not important in writing this , as I what I do know , is that knowledge is power and ignorance not bliss.

I have had individuals phone me and asking for a Past Life Regression , however , most often than not these individuals become my clients for root causes that occured in this lifetime and that being said I will not conduct PLRT or future life progression on demand as these procedures are not to be taken lightly under hypnosis. Most of the individuals are simply doing their best to try and understand what might be causing their problem ( s ) . They are unaware at times of anything in their personal history that would show where the problem came from consciously that is. On another note , hypnotists that have experience using hypnotic age regression techniques will tell you that it is common for the client to uncover material of which they were not consciously aware and is important to the root cause of a particular issue or problem , but I am speaking of timeline regression here in this current life segment.

When a client or individual attempts to understand or deal with with a challenge they have had without hypnosis , they are using only the conscious mind which has virtually no power to make the needed / desired changes.

Some intuitives ( if they truly are developed ) may convince people to attend a group regression with them or privately and I have to say this inadvisable as they are simply tapping into the conscious state of your mind and therefore such conclusions are likely flawed . Reasons being the conscious mind tries to come up with answers for the the problem based on incomplete information and especially so if the problem has been very difficult and long standing and the conscious mind doesn't have the answers.

In my professional opinion , doing PLRT and or FLP under the conditions with someone not specifically trained and ceritfied is unethical .

As a highly developed empath , I am able to discern upon a first meeting with my client many things that are truly effecting them today and most likely why . That being said , I choose to address matters firstly that have been recorded in the early years of their lives this lifetime before entertaining a PLR.

Future Life Progressions I treat the with the same school of thought as sometimes too much information is just that , too much information and really not needed. I am certified in both hypnotic procedures , however again not a circus act they call them therapy sessions for a reason.

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