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Living with a Quick-Fix Mentality

We live in a society with quick-fix mentality. When we adopt this mentality for our personal philosophy , we lose . We are likely to purchase things that are quick , easy , instant , and convenient , even if they don't work as well or aren't as healthy.

Many times we pay more money for something that's quick and convenient because we value time and want to do as many things in as short a time possible .

When it comes to personal development , however , quick fixes rarely lead to permanent change . Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for accelerated life changes however still requires persistence and patience . We as individuals have feelings , thoughts , beliefs , morals and codes that won't allow us to accept change without putting up a fight. A fight , I often see in my practice I refer to as resistance. The beauty of Hypnosis is that assists in bypassing resistance we human beings offer.

It's to our advantage to drop the quick fix mentality and focus on the long - term results. Results you will achieve with your commitment and Hypnosis .

You may have heard stories of people who use affirmations and get instant results , but those results are likely to be temporary if they are not continued . If a person is not mentally prepared for success , they may let it pass them by as easily as it came to them . Perhaps they'll sabotage their success or find a way to create other problems in their life so they'll be distracted or have an excuse for not succeeding. True change on a soul level will take some time , but the results can last a lifetime and without the drugs that only manipulate , and potentially damage your system .

Progressive Hypnosis , Soul - utions for a Greater Life Experience .

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