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The Secret To Hypnosis Weight Loss

Over the last eight years over 50% of my female clients had challenges regarding their body image and weight control .

That being said , I began to seek deeper knowledge regarding the best program I could offer for sustained weight loss and have since developed my own Perfect Image Hypnosis Weight Loss Program created exclusively for women.

Most of you reading this by now realize that diets only work for temporary weight loss - why is this ?

Because the answers are within the amazing and unlimited ability of your mind. Hypnosis allows the unconscious mind to begin making small changes in the ways you have viewed food and exercise and redirect your thoughts previously associated with food and exercise.

You will quickly notice how easy it becomes to refuse unhealthy choices and select portions of foods that are vital in allowing you to reach and maintain your desired weight

Your personalized program will begin with an intake questionnaire to go over your background and get to know your wants and needs - followed by your first hypnosis treatment. The number of sessions vary based on your personal history and weight loss desired and are packaged in six weekly hourly treatments. You will also be given material on nutrition tips and specially created audios for the in - between session times and another added bonus of 24/7 email support.

Results ? yes, as long as you have made a clear decision to once and for all lose the weight , become healthier and gain confidence.

Throughout life , we are influenced by both positive and negative communications. All communication spoken or unspoken is stored in memory. When specific situations activate the memory there are both physical and emotional responses within you. These responses can be modified , altered , improved , adjusted and changed through the proper facilitation of hypnosis.

My program is designed to revise the way you view food , change your thoughts associated with food , eliminate unhealthy choices , modify your caloric intake , suppress temptation and to increase your desire for being your ideal weight guiding you towards desired results.

Long term results have been as much as 100 lbs sustained weight loss in 10 months. Only need to lose 20 - 30 lbs ? This will work even faster.

The key here is sustained weight loss , not dieting , without drugs, no scales , it is a lifestyle change that can change your life - gracefully.

You can do it ! Lose weight intelligently becoming healthier , more confident and a new slimmer you .

*Skype treatments offered from the privacy of your home as well as in office.*

Phone 386 265 - 4609 to arrange your complimentary 15 minute phone consult.

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