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Dealing with Toxic Family Members

We all have to deal with difficult people at various times in our lives ...but what can be the most the most challenging is learning how to deal with negative energy from one of our closest family members.

At times , and especially around holiday time it may not be easy to achieve a balance between a sense of compassion without being dragged into their

negativity , which is why I'd like to share with you a few simple steps for dealing with negative family members.

The first step is to try and accept them for who they are which I realize can be challenging when you feel resentment towards them . The goal here however is to help YOU feel better when you are around them .

Secondly , Make sure you give them enough space and set you own boundaries by remaining neutral . Visualizing a protective energy around you whatever that may be for you will also help you feel stronger especially when you can't put distance between you.

Third , Know you cannot control other people's outbursts , or opinions so resist the urge to argue even if they trigger a negative energy inside of you.

As it may not be your job to help with other's issues - disengage by remaining calm and allowing yourself to be a witness , not a participant.

These are a few simple , fast and effective ways to deal with this challenge and by no means a platform to deal with extreme abuse of others .

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