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Childhood Wounds

When you hear the words "emotional damage from childhood , " you might immediately think of serious traumas such as sexual or physical abuse or the suffering from parents who divorced or died and or were parents with serious addictions. Sadly , this is the tragic reality of many during childhood. However , even if you were fortunate enough to have your early years growing up in a safe , nurturing environment you still have been exposed to negative events , people, and their thoughts even before you were born into this life.

No parents or primary caretakers no matter how devoted they may have been are able to respond perfectly a

to all a child's needs. There are subtle ways of childhood wounding that also occur and most often reveal themselves through your relationships & marriages which is what I am discussing here today. What you were first exposed to as you entered this world can reveal important clues to what can be unconscious expectations you bring into relationships. Depending on your experience ( s ) from the womb until the age of 10 you are in a state of wholeness , in other words you feel as if the world is without boundaries and you expect you will be always taken care of. After 10 years of age that part of our minds ( critical factor ) develops and becomes more aware of this " new " reality and then gives you the ability to say yes or no to information before it becomes part of your truth.

As adults , we seem to have a fleeting memory of this state before 10 years of age , however the subconscious does. So as adults we tend to enter into relationships , marriages with the unconscious expectations that our partner will magically restore this long ago feeling of wholeness. Their failure to do this becomes one of the #1 reasons relationships end . My clients often ask me why they continue to attract the same dysfunctional relationships over and over again. The example I give you here is one of many , many subconscious memories that have us spending our lifetimes attempting to achieve inner happiness. In my work primarily with women , I am able to assist in accessing these buried unconscious memories through targeted hypnosis and NLP timeline therapy . The results are amazing as session by session these patterns that no longer serve you are given way to a new freedom , inner peace and healthier relationships where the past remains where it should the past.

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