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Love a lost art ?

All disease and all unhappiness come from the violation of the law of love . A woman's deep seated feelings of hate , resentment and criticism come back laden with sickness and sorrow. Love seems almost a lost art in today's world - however the woman with the knowledge of Spiritual Law knows it must be regained , for without it . she has become an empty vessel and not able to manifest what she needs in this life that are of good and highest intent.

Client example : I had a woman that came to me for months to clean her consciousness of resentment she had toward a woman she was exposed to growing up in the early years. After a period of Spiritual counsel and understanding followed by some deep targeted hypnosis sessions she became poised and harmonious and finally resentment free . She came in to my office radiant and exclaimed to me that upon a recent encounter with the woman in question instead of feeling anger and hate she reacted automatically with love and kindness for the first time ever she could remember and the woman actually apologized to her after all the years gone by. Love and goodwill are invaluable !

The beauty of hypnosis is to allow the unconscious

mind to open up and take in the new healthy information and therefore has been reprogrammed - gracefully .

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